Tutor’s Foreword

Dear students,

Thank you for visiting JC Economics website.

My passion for Economics has led to the founding of JCEconomics.com. I hope to share my passion and knowledge to students through my lessons.

Economics is a relatable subject that still remains useful in understanding the economic issues around us even after you graduate. The GCE ‘A’ level economics syllabus aims to equip students with economic understanding to be competent in the 21st Century. Students should also develop critical thinking and decision making skills to justify economic decisions. Economics should not be just about memorising concepts, but also to apply these concepts to make sound and logical judgements into real-world situations. With enough practice and good guidance, students will be able to achieve these skills.

I personally teach all JC Economics classes as to ensure that I meet the best standards of my lesson delivery. I also love sharing my personal experiences in class to link them to economic concepts, helping students to better understand complex concepts. Many of my former students have done well for economics and gone on to further their studies in prestigious universities.

I am certain that under my guidance, you will be able to excel in economics and find a passion for economics.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Warmest regards,

Anthony Fok

B. Economics, B. Acc (Hons), PGDE (NIE), M.Ed. (Monash), FCollT (London)